Успешное лечение тяжелой апластической анемии с помощью трансплантации пуповинной крови

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Fruchtman SM., Hurlet A., Dracker R., Isola L., Goldman B., Schneider BL., Emre S.

Department of Medicine, Mount Sinai Medical Center, New York, New York 10029, USA. Steven.Fruchtman@msnyuhealth.org

Cord blood transplantation has been used extensively in the allogeneic setting for acquired and genetic disorders of hematopoiesis. There is less experience in the utility of autologous cord blood transplantation, and there is great controversy about the role of autologous cord blood collection and storage. We report on the successful use of autologous cord blood transplantation for the treatment of severe aplastic anemia following fulminant hepatic failure and living related liver transplantation.