Cost of main services


Umbilical cord blood

Umbilical cord tissue

Umbilical cord blood + umbilical cord tissue Umbilical cord blood + MSC* Umbilical cord blood + umbilical cord tissue + MSC*

Paid at the time of signing
of the contract (advance payment)

2 000 UAH

4 000 UAH

6 000 UAH

17 000 UAH 19 000 UAH

Paid at the time of
obtaining Deposit Passport
(4-6 weeks after the child’s birth)

7 000 UAH

9 350 UAH

14 000 UAH

23 000 UAH 29 000 UAH
Total amount 9 000 UAH 13 350 UAH 20 000 UAH 40 000 UAH 48 000 UAH

* "MSC" - a new service of "HEMAFUND" Family Cord Blood Bank. It includes the isolation and cultivation  of umbilical cord mesenchymal stem cells. The HEMAFUND technique allows to extract and to preserve the largest number of viable umbilical cord stem cells.

The price of the main service includes

  1. A package for transportation and collection of umbilical cord blood and umbilical cord tissue from maternity home

  2. A package of accompanying documents

  3. Delivery of the insulated container with biomaterial to the cryostorage

  4. Processing of the umbilical cord blood and umbilical cord tissue using current methods

  5. Quality testing of the umbilical cord blood under the European protocol

  6. Allocating the three fragments of the umbilical cord tissue

  7. Cryopreservation of the fraction of the umbilical cord blood

  8. Annual professional liability insurance of the Client from Family Cord Blood Bank “HEMAFUND”

  9. Deposit withdrawal upon demand of the Client

  10. 24/7 specialist support service from the moment of signing of the Contract until Deposit withdrawal from cryostorage upon Client request

  11. Advisory support of Client’s family in case of need of the Deposit

  12. Free transportation of the Deposit to any medical facility around the world for its use in Client’s treatment

  13. Full documentary support in case of need for transportation of the Deposit abroad

  14. Guaranteed storage of the Deposit under the terms of the Contract in case HEMAFUND losses rights for providing Services

  15. Guaranteed acceptance of the Deposit for further storage by HEMAFUND’s partner banks

  16. Free use of cryogenic storage Dewar for transportation of the sample in liquid nitrogen

The cost of storing 1 product per year

The cost of storing 2 or more products per year (complex offer)
130$ 180$

! The amount is paid in Ukrainian hryvnia (UAH) according to currency exchange rate of NBU (National Bank of Ukraine) on the date of payment, provided that payment of the chosen package is made annually !

HEMAFUND offers the best conditions for long-term cryopreservation of the biomaterial. There is a special discount system and a steady exchange rate is established – 25 UAH/1 USD.

1 year / annual payments

No discount

“3 year” package

10% discount

“5 year” package

20% discount

“10 year” package

40% discount

“18 year” package

50% discount

“36 year” package 60% discount

Still have questions? Hotline concerning all questions on storage of cord blood (098) 496-09-26