About Cord Blood Bank HEMAFUND

"HEMAFUND" the family cord blood bank is located on more than 1000 m² of a seprate biotechnological complex, including its own clinical diagnostic laboratory, PCR laboratory, processing laboratories, research laboratory, quarantine and main cryopreservation. In addition, the complex includes a round-the-clock logistics service and information support service, client department, as well as departments providing uninterrupted operation of the complex. The biotechnological complex is equipped with modern equipment, has 24/7 multi-level protection and is capable of operating autonomously for a long time, due to the availability of autonomous systems of life support, generators and additional reserves of liquid nitrogen. At present, the company employs more than 200 highly qualified staff and attracted specialists.

Licensed umbilical cord blood bank

Family cord blood bank HEMAFUND is functioning in accordance with the licenses: АВ №611999 dated from 22.11.2011 (umbilical cord blood banking activities), АЕ №638041 dated from 22.01.2015 (activities affiliated with medicine) and АГ №593708 dated from 27.12.2011 (biomaterial logistics).

Proved quality

HEMAFUND`s umbilical cord blood procession method is developed taking into account all modern data and allows to obtain the maximum number of stem cells from each sample. The protocol for processing and testing cord blood corresponds to the protocols of leading European banks, all data are originally duplicated in English. This approach allows HEMAFUND’s clients to transport their samples quickly to creeks and clinics around the world, if it is necessary.
The quality of the technique has been confirmed by European cryobanks (Cord Blood Center Medikal and PBKM) who have taken for further storage of umbilical cord blood deposits from clients of HEMAFUND, who have changed their permanent residence and wished to further protect their deposits in the new country of residence.
The proof of the quality of the technique is also the hundreds of successful applications of umbilical cord blood in state and private medical institutions of Ukraine for HEMAFUND’s clients.


HEMAFUND is the only Ukrainian umbilical cord blood bank that among best American and European biobanks insuring its liability to its clients (insurance policy amounts to 3 000 000 hrn).
HEMAFUND guarantees safe deposit transfer to its partner biobanks abroad in case of both clients` emigration and HEMAFUND running out of business.
HEMAFUND guarantees marking the deposit sample units on every stage of collection, delivery, testing, procession and storage. The deposit is granted its unique personalised identification number. This number is stated on each cryovial containing umbilical cord blood and in all the official documents concerning cord blood banking.
HEMAFUND guarantees delivery of the client's umbilical cord blood to the chosen medical institution in Ukraine. And, if it is necessary, exporting biomaterials abroad for the treatment with the cord blood stem cells - provides free delivery to a medical facility anywhere in the world. Delivery is carried out by licensed carrier company Wourld Courier.

Cooperation with medical institutions

As well as world`s leading biobanks, HEMAFUND conducts innovative stem cells collection and crystoring. Stem cell therapy with the material banked in HEMAFUND is conducted in the independent medical institution of clients` choice where skilled medical experts can evaluate banked stem cells quality. HEMAFUND also guarantees its help with search for medical institutions in case of need. Over 250 HEMAFUND clients have received treatment in private and governmental hospitals of Ukraine.
In connection with this, HEMAFUND is annually expanding its list of institutions providing stem cell therapy option. And HEMAFUND`s cooperation with European cord blood banks insures that the deposit will be delivered to almost any European country.

Joint biotechnological facility

HEMAFUND is functioning in the one joint biotechnological facility that consists of the laboratory, cryostorage, logistics and client service centres, as well as scientific department.
Biotechnological and diagnostic laboratories have the newest research and testing, procession and storage equipment for cord blood and other biomaterials banking. Diagnostic laboratory provides all medical testing needed in accordance with the decree of the Ministry of Health Care of Ukraine and highest European biobank standards.
Our cryostorage is fully isolated and guarded in accordance with the money bank safety standards including restricted by personalised cards access. The cryostorage is fully autonomous and provides five-time stricter technological safety for liquid nitrogen supply of all the deposits.
Our client service centre is always ready to provide You with all information concerning biomaterial banking during both private consultations and open lections. After entering into the contract with HEMAFUND a personal medical advisor is assigned to You and available at Your disposal 24/7.
HEMAFUND`s logistics service centre executes biomaterial delivery to any medical institution of choice guaranteeing safe deposit transportation at the valid temperature (-196 ⁰С). Beside this HEMAFUND cooperates with a specialised in biomaterial transportation logistics company.
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Scientific research

HEMAFUND is the first and only Ukrainian cord blood bank to develop umbilical cord cryostorage method.
Details on the umbilical cord banking
In cooperation with Ukrainian Children Cardiac Center, HEMAFUND`s scientific department has developed pericardium cryostorage technology. Pericardium is the best alternative to artificial synthetic transplants for congenital defect treatment and heart reconstruction. Apart from this HEMAFUND has access to leading European scientific research programmes and contributes into the activities of Human Stem Cell Institute, Xenetic Biosciences PLC, «Cryonics», SiymbioTec GmbH, «Pharmsynthes», FDS Pharma, «NextGen», Cytori Therapeutics Inc and others.

Charity project

HEMAFUND united several governmental medical institutions of Ukraine for National umbilical cord blood programme realisation and coordinates it. Owing to this programme, more than 200 children with prenatally diagnosed congenital defects of heart and nervous system have been successfully operated using their own cord blood.
Apart from Ukrainian Children Cardiac Center and State Institution “Institute of Neurosurgery named after acad. A.P.Romodanov of the National Academy of Medical Sciences of Ukraine”, Maternity Houses N 5 and 7 also participate in this charity project. The Institute of Paediatrics, Obstetrics and Gynaecology has also entered the programme. The project is supported by the Ministry of Health Care of Ukraine and Ukrainian best medical specialists provide open lectures on early congenital defects diagnostics and treatment.
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