Canada is betting on stem cells!


Canada is betting on stem cells!

Canadian scientists were at the beginning of the discovery of stem cells. Half a century, Canada is trying to regain leadership in this area, because the government of the country provides that cell therapy may be needed by thousands of patients in near years.

The research center in Toronto creates an automated plant for the production of stem cells. The plant will not only grow cells, but also develop new types that are necessary to combat various diseases. The project will be implemented by General Electric and the Center for Commercialization of Regenerative Medicine in Toronto.

The process of producing cells under normal conditions takes a long time. Therefore, in Toronto, the plant will be partially automated, which will greatly accelerate the process and allow the building up of many cell lines simultaneously and under ideal conditions.

In Ukraine, cellular medicine and the topic of stem cells gradually acquire the status of urgent issues. One of the important steps for Ukraine's integration into the international medical community was the founding of the first public bank of stem cells "Bank of Life"