We invite you to meet legendary obstetrician-gynecologist Oleksandr Kobasa


We would like you to invite to the meeting with Oleksandr Kobasa on December, 10 at 12:00. The meeting is

arranged by Whisbear Ukraine and will take place in the club “Our Format” (“Nash Format”), Alla Horska Lane, 5.

Oleksandr Kobasa is a famous Ukrainian obstetrician-gynecologist and a prenatal psychologist. He is an author of the book “A

Human Is Born”. On December 10, 2017 he will conduct a talk-in for the pregnant and introduce his lecture “Baby’s growth

before and within a year after birth”.

The meeting consists of three parts:

- Lecture

- Questions&answers Block

- Personal Consultation


To register for the meeting and find out the payment details, please, call: +38 (050) 056 49 93. The cost of participation is 450

hryvnyas. The clients of “Hemafond” are provided with a discount and the ticket cost makes up 350 hrn for them. Please, notify

this during your phone call. We’ll be glad to see you at the meeting on December, 10 at 12:00 by the address AllaHorska Lane, 5.