Genetic testing

Genetic testing - world health trend that is gaining momentum in recent years. The presence of the personal genetic passport - this is the first step towards personalized medicine, medicine, which could ensure the most accurate, and, most importantly, safe treatments for each individual. The formation of this trend is inextricably linked with the study of the human genome, obtaining data on the causes and mechanisms of emergence of common and difficult to predict and treat disease. In this case, knowledge of predisposition to a particular disease will help to carry out the necessary preventive measures to prevent the development of disease. To be forewarned is to be forearmed!

Genetic tests aimed at finding substantial irregularities such as the presence or absence of a certain portion of the gene. The test will show which genes have many copies, which genes are too active or less active, and which are even disabled.

The result of genetic studies in HEMAFUND will become the most valuable information about their own health - revealing predispositions and risk of disease. It is needed to pass it only once in a lifetime - because the genotype indicators do not change in length of time.

In addition, this genetic test will help to understand better the personal characteristics or features of your child: A or B person, what sport is the most suitable for you, and even know especially education for your kid. One of the options which is currently available in HEMAFUND is definition of the most suitable diet based on a DNA-database. Everything is considered - from micronutrient needs of individual intolerance to certain foods.

Knowing yourself, your individual characteristics and capabilities of your organism is the best gift that can be made to yourself. 

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