FAQ about umbilical cord blood

Questions and answers
What is the difference between stem cells from umbilical cord blood and umbilical cord tissue?
What deposit safety guaranties does Family Cord Blood Bank HEMAFUND give to its clients?
Can my closest relatives and me use my child`s umbilical cord tissue or cord blood stem cells for stem cell therapy?
Who is the owner of the umbilical cord blood banked in HEMAFUND and what kind of certificate proves this?
Can cord blood and umbilical cord tissue be collected in case of C-section?
When the contract should be entered into?
How much cord blood should be preserved?
Which maternity houses can perform cord blood collection?
How many times can we use the deposit for different therapies?
What will happen to the deposit in case HEMAFUND is out of business?
Are umbilical cord blood stem cells safe?
How many HEMAFUND`s clients have used their deposits?
When should we decide to bank our umbilical cord blood?
Who should consider umbilical cord blood banking even more attentively?
What does Ukrainian stem cell transplantation statistics show?
Do we need to bank cord blood of every single child in our family?
What chance is we are going to need the deposit?
Can the number of banked stem cells be increased?
Are there any drawbacks to cord blood collection?
How long can I store stem cells?
Can I move my deposit abroad?
How can I assure that cord blood deposit belongs to my child?
How can I take the deposit in case of need?
How the time of the deposit delivery to HEMAFUND`s storage is restricted?
Can umbilical cord harm my child in case performed before umbilical cord stops pulsing?
Can we bank non-sterile umbilical cord blood sample?