Ukrainian legislation and stem cells

In accordance with the Ministry of Health Care of Ukraine decree N481 dated from 10.07.2014 umbilical cord blood collecting is executed by the obstetrician involved in the labor due to the expectant mother`s will.
Umbilical cord blood usage as the stem cells source for allogenic (donor) and autologous (own stem cells) transplantation in treatment of children is strictly regulated by the Ministry of Health Care of Ukraine decree N619 dated from 23.07.2010.
In accordance with the present-day state of science and the World Health Organization recommendations, the law of Ukraine “About organ and other human material transplantation” defines stem cells transplantation conditions and order.
The Ministry of Health Care of Ukraine decree “About license conditions agreement approval for umbilical cord blood and other human tissues and cells banks functioning” N251 dated from 10.04.2013
Decrees N 695 dated from 24.04.2000 and N 402 dated from 5.06.2013 define the list of governmental health care and scientific institutions empowered to execute human cells transplantation activities.